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Aero Sport

Aero Sport - Adventure Activity


While man has always been fascinated with flying, airplanes and helicopters have fulfilled his desire to do so. But if you really want to go off on your own, and not as part of a crowd, you should head for some super exciting aero sports in India. Aero sports, as a part of adventure travel (remove 'the' before this), have recently gained popularity in India. Take up any aero sport like paragliding, hang gliding, parasailing, hot air ballooning, bungee jumping or sky diving and soar up high in the air on your own. Aero sports are bound to give you the adrenaline rush you require and as you experience the thrill of soaring through the sky, you may also enjoy a bird’s eye view of the stunning nature beneath.

A number of places in the Himalayan and peninsular region offer ample options for aero sports. Listed below are various aero sports available in India and some important information including the destinations where you can take up these aero sports.


Aero Sports in India

Hang Gliding

If you are looking for some real adventure then forget about the engines and motor aircrafts and try some hardcore adventure in the air: go for hang gliding in India. Fly a light foot-launched aircraft with no motor attached and experience the fun of hang glider, which is also known as Delta plane.

Hang gliding will fulfill your desire of emulating birds. The gliders are made up of an aluminum alloy and fabric wings. For hang gliding you will be strapped in a harness attached to the light airframe and then learn to exercise control by shifting your body weight. Some modern aircraft flight control systems are also used for the sport and are very easy to understand and play with.

The new hang gliders give you the ability to soar for hours in the air and cover thousands of metres of altitude in thermal updrafts and perform aerobatics. You can enjoy the bird’s eye view of pasture lands, rivers and beautiful scenic views while hang gliding cross-country for hundreds of kilometers. Places like Bir nearby Billing in India offers 100 kms of up and down and cross country flights.


Hang Gliding Places in India

Himachal Pradesh has been offering sites for hang gliding since 1984 when the International Hang Gliding Rally was organized at Billing, 20 kms from Palampur in Kangra district. In the month of May/June a tented colony is set up by Himachal Tourism to facilitate hang gliders.

Some of the most excellent locations for hang gliding in India are:

Himachal Pradesh: Kasauli, Dharamshala, Shimla, Bir (this place is near Billing and has hosted three International and five National Hang Gliding championships

Maharashtra: Satara, Sinhgarh, Pune, Kamshet

Madhya Pradesh: Mhow, Indore

Karnataka: Mysore

Tamil Nadu: Ooty

Meghalaya: Shillong

Sikkim: Yumthang, Jorethang


Best time to go Hang Gliding

The best time to go for gliding is considered to be from mid-May till June and from September till mid-October. Avoid the monsoon season.



  • Taking the safety measures and following the safety instructions given by your trainer are highly     recommended.
  • If you have Acrophobia/ fear for heights or high/low blood pressure then avoid indulging in this sport.
  • Hang gliding needs both mental and physical fitness.