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Mountain Adventure

Mountain Adventure


Plan an adventure trip to the fascinating and majestic mountain regions of India and explore vital possibilities of mountain adventure sports in India. Discover the stunning mountain peaks and rolling green fields that will make your adventure tour all the more enchanting. Go trekking, mountaineering or mountain biking in the most popular regions like Himachal, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir or Sikkim and unwind the breathtaking vistas of the splendid mountains. Feel the rush, enjoy the thrill and be a part of unbeatable experience by taking up mountain sports in India.


Best time to go

India has varied climatic conditions in different regions. If you are going to Jammu & Kashmir then July till September is good to go for mountain adventure. Likewise June till October is appropriate time to take up mountain sports in Himachal region. You can take up mountain adventure in Ladakh between July and September and March till May/ September till December is a good time to take up mountain sports in the Sikkim region.


What to bring

Pack light for your mountain adventure tour. Do remember to keep first aid, warm gear and dry snack bars. Other stuff you must carry includes water bottles, shoes according to the sport (trekking, skiing or hiking boots etc) you are going to take up, torch, sunblock, personal medical supplies and of course don't forget your camera.



Things to remember while going for mountain adventure are:

Buy boots that has an excellent heel counter, the more supported the heel is the less likely that you will get blisters. Better buy shoes that are specially designed for a particular mountain sport you desire to take up

Build up your stamina before taking up any kind of mountain sport.


Mountain Adventure in India

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in the India is quite an experience. Gear up and ride your cycles across the highest mountains exploring the beautiful valleys, snowcapped mountains and mesmerizing lakes. Take a bike ride across the Himalayas and explore the beautiful green valleys and deodars. Take up mountain biking if you are the tough Harley Davidson role model types and explore the most amazing mountain biking trails in India which have potential of touching the adventure freak in anybody.

You will also get the chance to experience the local culture of various regions while you are cycling through the regions in India. Mountain biking tours also give you a chance to experience the quick changing hues of the landscapes and higher altitudes. Take a break in small foothill villages and mountains with amazing picturesque grandeur which will make your adventure worth remembering throughout your life.


Destinations in India for Mountain Biking

Best places to go mountain-biking and cycling in the Himalayan region of India are in the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. These states are replete with great scenic beauty and are treasure-troves of exciting routes, some of them discovered and others waiting to be explored.

Himachal Pradesh

Mountain biking in Himachal Pradesh will be a most memorable adventure trip. Check out the scenic attractions and mesmerizing nature views.

From Chandigarh drive to Barog and start your mountain biking tour from here.

Bike route: Start in Barog - Shimla (60kms) Shimla-Kotgarh (80 kms), Kotgarh- Thanedar (5 kms), Thanedar-Sarahan (97 kms), Sarahan- Sangla Valley (92 kms), Sangla Valley-Kalpa (50 kms), Kalpa- Pooh in Spiti Valley (76 kms), Pooh-Tabo (95 kms), Tabo - Kaza (47 kms), Kaza- Losar (65 kms), Losar - Gramphoo (74 kms), Gramphoo - Manali (62 kms).



Amongst higher regions in India Ladakh is known as a great destination for mountain biking. Ride the following route to experience breathtaking views of lakes, mountains etc.

Bike route: Leh– Upshi (47 kms), Upshi- Hyamnya (35 kms), Hyamnya – Chumathang (60 kms), Chumathang– Sumdo (23 kms), Sumdo – Karzok (43 kms), Karzok– Tsokar, Tsokar- Debring, Debring – Upshi (56 kms), Upshi – Leh (60 kms).



A biker will love to explore Sikkim that is full of colourful scenic beauty coupled with a spectacular topography. A far as adventure is concerned, mountain biking is the no. 1 adventure activity in Sikkim!

Bike route: Gangtok- Phedang (31 kms), Phedang - Singhik (33 kms), Singhik - Chungthang (26 kms), Chungthang - Lachung (21 kms), Lachung - Yumthang (24 kms), Yumthang - Chungthang (45 kms), Chungthang - Lachen (27 kms), Lachen - Thangu (32 kms), Thangu - Chopta Valley to Lachen (74 kms), Lachen - Chungthang (27 kms), Chungthang - Rangrang (38 kms), Rangrang - Kabi (32 kms), Kabi - Gangtok (20 kms), Gangtok – Bagdogra.



The Kumaon region with enormous terraced fields across the lush green mountains has beautiful biking trails. Check out little rivers, small villages and some famous temples on your way.

From Delhi reach Nainital and then reach Sat Tal. From here you can begin your mountain biking tour.

Bike route: Sat Tal- Bageshwar, Bageshwar - Baijnath (23 kms), Baijnath - Kausani (17 kms), Kausani - Someshwar (12 Kms), Someshwar-Binta (15 kms), Binta - Ranikhet (23 kms), Ranikhet – Bhatrajkhan, Bhatrajkhan – Garija (63 kms), Garjia- Corbett, Corbett - Kotabag (23 kms), Kotabag - Kaladungi (15 kms), Kaladungi - Chorgalia (30 kms).



The mountain biking route in Garhwal is all about sun-kissed mountains, winding shady roads, apple trees, gushing rivers, magnificent surroundings and cool fresh breeze. Rishikesh on the bank of river Ganga and surrounded by Himalayan ranges, is the perfect place to start your biking foray into the Garhwal mountains. So begin your mountain biking tour taking the following route:

Bike route: Rishikesh – New Tehri (76 kms), Tehri - Dharasu (42 kms), Dharasu - Uttarkashi (28 kms), Uttarkashi - Bhatwari (35 kms), Bhatwari - Harsil (40 kms), Harsil - Gangotri (30 kms), Gangotri - Gangnani (50 kms), Gangnani - Uttarkashi (50 kms), Uttarkashi - Barhmakhal (40 kms), Barhmakhal - Barkot (51 kms), Barkot - Nainbagh (50 kms), Nainbag - Mussoorie (41 kms), Mussoorie – Dehradun.


Best time to visit

Best places to go mountain-biking and cycling in the Himalayan region of India are in the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. These states are replete with great scenic beauty and are treasure-troves of exciting routes, some of them discovered and others waiting to be explored.


Mountain biking requires fitness as the Indian trails are both rugged and rough, so make sure you are completely fit

The balancing act is very important in mountain biking. A good balance is very necessary to climb steep hills and one has to have enough training and practice before taking up this adventure

One has to stay alert and be careful while riding the bike. Keep your eyes open and concentrate on how to negotiate the rough patches of the trail without hindrances. Especially on the Garhwal bike trails there are a number of twists and turns that can catch a biker unaware, so look out

Speed control something that one has to keep in mind while mountain biking

Pack light and keep in mind that the backpack you carry must have cushions and must be comfortable enough to carry

Things you must carry are first aid box, water, glucose for instant energy, snacks/food that includes muesli bars/ sandwich/ dry fruits, bike pump, a spare tube and tire levers.



If you are in love with mountain adventure then try some exhilarating mountain climbing or mountaineering. The majestic mountains in India especially the Himalayas has inspired and amused every adventure enthusiast worldwide. India offers a wide range of mountaineering options with challenging mountain ranges in various regions of Himalayas, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir you can have the best mountaineering experience ever.

You are mistaken if you think you can go mountaineering without any prior training. This sport needs a lot of stamina, training and knowledge of proper climbing techniques and skills. You have to learn the basic technique of your body movement on rock, snow or ice. One has to have through knowledge about map reading, navigation and how to handle various weather conditions. An adventure enthusiast should also have great will power and should be immensely motivated to take up this sport. There are various institutes like the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering in Uttarkashi and the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling that provide proper training to adventure junkies who desire to take up mountaineering in India. These institutes also provide knowledge regarding managing ones health in the mountain environment i.e. to toughen their bodies by increasing their resistance to cold, hunger and fatigue.

Take a trip through the snow clad mountains, gasp in the crisp fresh mountain air, soak in the stunning views and feel the winds ruffling through your hair while climbing the breathtaking heights of Indian mountains.

Taking up an adventure trip exploring the Indian mountains will prove to be a memorable experience for every adventure enthusiast.


Destinations in India for Mountaineering

The Indian Himalayas is a treasure house of marvelous valleys with their eternal charm. Some of the known destinations that offer good opportunities for mountaineering in India are-

Himalayas, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Himachal and Uttranchal ranges in Lahaul‚ Spiti, Kinnaur, Sikkim- Kanchenjunga, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh.

The main known treks for mountaineering are as follows:

Sahasratal trek, Garhwal Himalaya, the Khatling glacier trek, region along the Bhilangana River to its source at the Khatling glacier, Ladakh, Lahaul, Spiti / Kinnaur, the Rhododendron trek in Darjeeling.


Best time to visit

The best time to go mountaineering in India would be during the summer. The months from May to October are favorable. You must avoid the monsoons (July/August) due to the heavy downpours that causes landslides.


Before taking up mountaineering engage in regular exercise for at least two months.

A medical check is also mandatory before you begin. Those with problems related to blood pressure and weight issues must avoid this sport.

Before undertaking mountaineering you need some good orientation with information, guidance and some climbing skills.

Carry first aid kit as well as any personal medical requirements.

You must learn certain techniques etc to be able to use technical equipments like ropes etc.

Pack light and remember to carry important stuff like first aid, dry snacks, water and appropriate clothing according to the weather.



Are you a mountain lover? Pack your trekking bags and get ready to go on some treks in India. The Indian mountain ranges boast some breathtaking routes for trekking and the Himalayas offer unlimited possibilities for perfect trekking tours in India. Venture beyond the known paths and discover the untouched nature and unexplored treks while trekking in India.

Trek is all about a long adventurous journey undertaken on foot. This adventure needs physical fitness and to take up this adventure you surely should be fond of mountain regions. Usually day and night long treks also cover the adventure of camping. One has to dig in tents in wilderness to rest at night to retain energy and continue a particular trekking tour in daylight. Trekking is really fun as along with the fun of climbing mountains and camping outside in wild one may also enjoy bonfires and cooking food outside. This adventure leads to closer interests in nature study that includes trees, birds, animals etc.

The advantage of this activity is that it builds up ones endurance level and keeps up the spirit of comradeship. The goal of this adventure is to achieve the estimated distance on a particular path evading all the hurdles on a trek. This adventure is surely for the rugged ones. So don’t wait. Take up the challenge and get the most out of your life.



India boasts numerous hill stations and immensely picturesque regions for trekking. Check out the vast mountain regions with beautiful valleys, lush green forests, blue skies and clear lakes while trekking in India. In high altitudes of some regions like Sikkim you can also get a chance to see wild animals like snow leopard, beautiful birds, goral, red panda etc. Explore the alluring arena of regions like Garhwal, Kumaon and Ladakh which have amazing and well-known trekking paths. Enjoy the rugged beauty of the mountains, waterfalls, high altitude lakes, encircled by snow covered mountains and small villages on Jammu and Kashmir trekking paths.


Best time to visit

Different regions possess varied climatic conditions in India, therefore the best time for trekking in India entirely depends on the region you are planning to take up your trekking tour. Check out the best time to go trekking in following regions below:

Jammu and Kashmir: July till September

Himachal Pradesh: June till October

Ladakh: July till September

Sikkim: March till May/ September till December

Garhwal: mid-April till June/mid-September till October

Kumaon: April till June/September till November



Choose a spacious trekking bag with multiple pockets, comparatively big zipper closure and comfortable broad shoulder straps

Make sure that the bottom of your bag rests on your waist and the top of the bag should be a hand-width underneath the bottom of your neck

Buy a pair of good quality trekking boots/shoes as they will bear the entire burden. Keep in mind that there is enough space between your thumb and front of the shoe. (avoid wearing a very well fitted or tight shoe)

Most of the trekking places are cold during night time especially so keep some warm clothes as well. Fitness

It is advisable to go for medical checkup if you intend to go trekking on higher altitudes. Physical fitness is very important

Nausea, shortness of breath or acute mountain sickness can be common problems during treks therefore, carrying some medicines is recommended

Take proper rest every night if you are going for long treks

Must carry things also include first-aid kit, compass, water bottle, Swiss Army Knife, space blanket and topographic map

Keep feeling yourself at regular intervals to maintain the energy levels. Also keep in mind not to eat large portions at a time

With due caution and proper knowledge you can head to explore any path during your trek and enjoy exploring the untouched beauty of various regions

People suffering from Asthma or High blood pressure (hypertension) should take along their proper medication.



Get ready to spend a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, try camping—the most relaxing adventure of staying in tents amidst nature. Camping tempts every nature lover and is considered the most ideal way of relaxing in the lap of nature. Spend the days exploring the region and at night lie under the starry skies out in the open. Camping is the perfect way to spend a beautiful holiday with your family of friends.

Enjoy camping in the most beautiful and exotic locations in India. So whether you are a hill person or a plains person, opportunity to go camping are abundant in this vast country. Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand in the north, the Nilgiris in the south and Sikkim in the eastern reaches of India all offer you the chance to enjoy the beauty of amazing mountain lands in its originality with endless breathtaking vistas.

Whether you want to go for wildlife camping, desert camping or mountain camping, India’s topography is filled with great camping sites. The Himalayan region undoubtedly is the most popular amongst adventure enthusiasts as it offers fantastic range of camping regions. So pack your tents and get set for the most pleasant, relaxing and unique expedition. This picturesque adventure holiday will be worth capturing, so don't forget your camera.


Destinations in India for Camping

Camping in India provides a delightful escape from the pollution and disturbance of the cities. You can go camping almost anywhere but most of the adventure enthusiasts prefer to do it in the beautiful hilly areas of India. You can go camping in various regions of Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Spiti Valley, Kumaon and Garhwal , Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Sikkim.


Best time to visit

Camping in India is possible throughout the year. The best time to go camping in India depends on the season and weather conditions of that specific region. For example holiday makers and adventure enthusiasts go for camping in the hill station during summers in order to escape the hot sultry conditions of the plains whereas, winter months are good to go camping in plains like Rajasthan.

Jammu and Kashmir: July till September

Himachal Pradesh: June till October

Ladakh: July till September

Sikkim: March till May/ September till December

Garhwal: mid-April till June/mid-September till October

Kumaon: April till June/September till November

Rajasthan: October till March

Gujarat: October till March/ April till June

Madhya Pradesh: October till March

Sikkim: October till March

Arunachal Pradesh: October till March

Karnataka: September to March



Each camping trip proves to be a unique experience in itself. You can either go camping through operators or the more adventurous ones can roll their tents and go camping on their own. In case you are heading for this unique adventure on your own there are a few things you should always carry. Check out the list of certain camping essentials that you should carry.

A Tent and a sleeping bag

A pot, pan, dishes, utensils, and fire-starting materials (preferably waterproof matches or butane lighter)

A utility knife and a long rope

Plenty of water

Energy rich, easily prepared foods and snacks

Plenty of clothing

Hand sanitizer and soap