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Angling & Fishing

Angling & Fishing


Few anglers in the West realize that India, with its dozens of rivers and thousands of streams, offers vast opportunities for sport fishing and angling. Whether you’re the type who likes to string a worm onto a makeshift line and catch your own dinner- or a thoroughbred professional angler with the latest in fishing tackle- India’s waters, both fresh and salt, can be a pleasant surprise. The country has an estimated 50,000 km of waters- rivers, streams, and lakes included- and an additional 3,000 km of coastline, and although sport fishing is still the preserve of a very select elite, there’s definitely a lot of scope for some satisfying angling. Major rivers like the Ganga and its tributaries, the Yamuna, the Brahmaputra, the Mahanadi, the Krishna and the Kaveri are home to a wide spectrum of fish, including mahseer, rohu, katli, and trout. The coastal waters lapping the shores of peninsular India harbour marine sportfish such as mackerel, marlin and sea bass.

What makes angling or sport fishing easy in India is that most major cities lie along rivers, as a result of which getting to a suitable fishing spot is generally not a problem. Furthermore, most states have well-organized Departments of Fisheries, where special hatcheries ensure that there’s always a gene pool of local and exotic fish.


Uttar Pradesh: Angling

Dodital Lake nestled among the snow-clad peaks in the Uttarkashi Himalayas is a fresh water lake and a tempting trout pool, where you can get a good catch, during all seasons. The forest rest house at Dodital and Barkot are ideal for the night stay.

Other options for fishing Mahseer in Uttar Pradesh are in the Ramganga and the Sharda rivers in the range of Jim Corbett National Park. You can also go to Rishikesh that offers good fishing sites.


Kashmir: Angling

Kashmir- with its network of rivers, streams and high altitude lakes, all abounding in trout, both brown and rainbow, has been rightly defined as an 'angler's paradise'. Trout fishing in Kashmir is far cheaper than it is in other parts of the world. Government departments are ensuring that there should not be any depletion of stock by discriminate fishing. Major points of angling in the state are the Indus and Lidder rivers, their tributaries and a network of smaller rivers and streams. The best time for fishing here are early mornings and late evenings. There is an, 'ideal' fishing permit that allows you to fish exclusively, in a beat of 2 km.

One permit allows you to catch six fish. Six days a week permits are issued only to tourists. If you are more adventurous, you can fish in one of many high altitude lakes (14,000 ft. above sea level), which can be reached by trekking. One trek, in particular, starts from Sonmarg and goes on to Vishansar, Kishansar, Satsar, Gadsar and Gangabal all alpine lakes. During winters when the lake surface is frozen, the fish (mainly brown trout) keeps close to the bottom of the lake, rising nearer the surface, as the ice melts. In these lakes, unlike other places, the use of spoons and spinners is allowed. The trekking season is from July to October while the fishing season extends from March to October.


Arunachal Pradesh: Angling

Main sites for fishing in Arunachal Pradesh are Bhalukpong and Tipi on the river Kameng, Pashighat on the river Siang, and Tezu on the river Lohit.


Karnataka: Angling

Angling in Karnataka is one of the most remarkable adventure activities practiced in this state. The innumerable rivers of Karnataka support the angling sport in Karnataka. The clear gushing water of these rivers and their tributaries offer excellent angling holiday spots.

The rivers in Karnataka are an abode to a large variety of fishes. The Mahseer is the toughest fighter fish in the fresh water world. It is the most desirable one for angling and India especially Karnataka which is the only breeding ground for it.Angling of the Mahseer needs skill, strength, practice, patience, determination and speed. It is often named the ‘tiger of the water’. The most favorable time for angling of the Mahaseer is the season after their breeding.

The Cauvery Fishing Lodge near Mysore is well known for angling in Karnataka especially for Mahseer.


Himachal Pradesh: Angling

An angler’s paradise, Himachal has several spots for both trout and mahseer as well as other fish. Acclaimed as the best sport fish in the world, both Brown and Rainbow Trout are to be found in Himachal's streams. Upstream of Rohru in the Pabbar valley (Shimla), there are several spots ideal for fishing. Chirgaon has a trout hatchery and other sites are - Seema, Mandil, Sandsu, Tikri and Dhamvari all are within 5 to 25 km of Rohru (Shimla). Kinnaur's Baspa river in the Sangla valley also holds trout. Fish also abounds in Uhl river near Barot. Good spots on this beat are - Luhandi, Puran hatchery, Tikkar and Kamand. The upper reaches of the river Beas in the Kullu valley and its side streams like the Sarvari, Parbati, Sainj, Hurla and Tirthan, especially the areas around Aut, Patlikuhl, Katrain, Raison and Largi are excellent for the sport. These are all upstream of the Pandoh reservoir and are close to, or on the Mandi-Manali highway.


Uttaranchal: Angling

Fishing in absolute seclusion, massive catches of Mahseer & Goonch, unexplored habitat of Upper Ramganga, views of Himalayan peaks, no seasonal restrictions or wildlife zone curbs like night fishing, added attraction of rafting in monsoon months

The area above Nagtaley till about 40 km is a remote stretch few anglers have explored. This entire stretch has no road access, which is perhaps the reason for its raw untamed beauty. Most of the beats are accessible only by walk but if you are not up to it, horses can move you around. Scattered villages, terraced fields, ancient riverside temples, the occasional wildlife and large elusive fish are what characterize this angling tour.

Since this area doesn't come in the Corbett Tiger Reserve, there are fewer restrictions. Another advantage is that fishing at Nagtaley and around is possible all year round, though at any point of time you are likely to be the only fishing party with pool after pool waiting to be fished.


Kerala: Open sea fishing

A travel tour to Kerala locales where angling is carried on in the beautiful beaches of the order of Hawah beach would show that it is home to modern fishermen and anglers who practice fishing only for commercial purposes, in Kerala, south India. The southernmost beach called as the majestic Samudra beach is one beach in the Kovalam series of crescent beaches where the fishermen still use the most ancient of boats and fishing nets in Kerala, south India.


Goa: Open sea fishing

Fishing in Goa is a very famous activity that involves a lot of fun and excitement. The beaches and the tropical surroundings make Goa an ideal place for fishing and it is enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike. Also known as "angling" to many it is a great experience as most people often get a prized catch after waiting patiently for hours. Many visitors also find the fishing activity very fascinating as it seems to de-stress the mind due to the sense of achievement one gets after getting a big catch.

Angling or fishing in Goa can be enjoyed at various spots like the Agonda beach, Vagator beach, Chapora River etc. There are also many estuaries in the state and one can even try it out in the rivers all along the Goa coast line. While angling in Goa one will come across many interesting varieties of fish. These include Soormai, Salmon, Mullet, Ladyfish or catfish, Rockfish, Stingray, Guitarfish, the local Barramundi and many more. The best time for angling is considered to be October to May.

There are various forms of fishing that can be carried out in Goa and one can even get all the fishing equipments here as they are available on hire at many places all over the state.


Lakshadweep: Lagoon Fishing 

The Lakshadweep Islands is the ultimate destination for a relaxing vacation with occasional doses of recreational activities. Anglers will have a heavenly time with marvelous opportunity of Lakshadweep Lagoon Fishing. Not only people who are crazy about fishing but other enthusiasts, who want to get involved in some relaxing pastime, will welcome Lagoon Fishing in Lakshadweep.

The lagoons of Lakshadweep are hot bed of various fishing and boating activities. Some of the resorts and island authorities organize night lagoon fishing too. Illuminations are fitted near the lagoons to enable the fishers to enjoy a session of fishing. The peaceful atmosphere during the night is ideal for fishing as there are less disturbances to distract the fishes.

The Lakshadweep Lagoons are the breeding ground for the much sought after Tuna fish and many other colorful known and unknown species. One can get the prize catch of the gigantic lobsters or watch the crabs and tortoises busy with their daily chores in the silvery beaches near the lagoons. Lakshadweep Lagoon Fishing is an unique experience for any fun loving person.


Orissa: Open Sea Fishing

On India's east coast, Orissa offers unique game fishing in its largest brackish water lake called Chilka. It is rich in Tiger Prawn, Tuna and other varieties of fish. Chilka Lake is also known for migratory bird life, which can be of much interest to ornithologists.


Andaman: Open Sea Fishing

Andaman Islands, some 293 in number, stretch across 25 km from the north to the south of the Bay of Bengal. The Islands open to tourists are Port Blair, Jolly Buoy, Red Skin, Cinque, Neil and Havelock Islands.

Big game fishing in Andaman Islands, one of sport fishing last frontiers. Here you have a very realistic chance of catching the fish of your life time. Andaman Islands offers world class popper casting for Giant Trevally and Yellowfin Tuna and also fantastic marlin fishing action.